Scuba Diving Fort Lauderdale – Top Dive Sites

From shallow beach dives to deep offshore wreck sites, scuba diving Fort Lauderdale, Florida offers a range of quality dive sites. There are three natural reefs that run along the coastline, and the first reef line offers plenty of opportunity to swim out and dive for lobster or spearfish. In addition to these natural reefs, skilled divers can experience more than 90 artificial reefs comprised of numerous sunken ships and vessels when they scuba dive Fort Lauderdale.

The quality scuba dive sites near Fort Lauderdale make it an extremely popular SCUBA destination for people all around the world. From novice divers to licensed wreck divers and everything in between, dive sites near Ft. Lauderdale offer something for every interest and skill level. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular dive sites in the often clear waters off the coast of this thriving South Florida community.


Captain Dan

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Out of the hundreds of dive sites for scuba diving Fort Lauderdale, the Captain Dan is perhaps the most famous. Located at a depth of around 100 feet, this artificial reef site is ideal for advanced divers. Although the vessel is relatively intact, there are plenty of large access holes that wreck divers can enter to explore the inside of this 175 foot ship.


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Located in only 15 to 35 feet of water, this wreck is a perfect site for snorkelers and beginner divers. Most of the historical shipwreck has deteriorated into anchor and debris, becoming incorporated into the natural reef structure of Ft. Lauderdale’s first reef line.

Hammerhead Reef

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With depths ranging from 80 feet to 18 feet, this 2.5 mile long reef that stretches from the Dania Pier to Port Everglades has plenty to offer. It is perfect for drift diving and a popular destination for charter and private dive boats.


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Sitting beneath 90 feet of water, the 70 foot Houseboat wreck is part of a large group of vessels that form a long artificial reef that is teeming with life. The abundance of marine life and the colorful formations make this site a popular destination for underwater photographers. However, at times, there are strong currents and reduced visibility that can create less than ideal dive conditions.

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